Sunday, 26 July 2015

Mistake no. 1

Not a huge one,  I hope but... on collection day,  Richard at GBS suggested I clear the powder coat out of the threads for the seat belts with a 7/16 tap. So I made sure the tap and die set I bought had that size in it. Sadly,  I didn't understand when Richard said '7/16 UNF' and when you buy a set,  there is little detail on what you're getting.  What I got was a tap stamped '7/16 BSF18' which is not the same thing, obviously. Even sadder,  I didn't realise this until about 1/3rd of the way through re-tapping the thread! I'll have to wait until I get the seat belt fixings before deciding the best way forward.

In the meantime, finished all the bushes on the suspension units:

... and picked up the diff:

Unfortunately,  as I didn't get this from GBS,  it doesn't come with the required bolts. As I'm not sure what these should be,  I've ordered a Haynes manual for the Sierra (£2 off eBay).

I also started on the pedals - trying to get the inner tube through the bushes requires  a bit of Heath Robinson jiggery-pokery :

Once again,  I'm a little confused about how this is supposed to work - the tube is a VERY snug fit and,  once in, the pedal is very stiff. I'm assuming that it loosens over time or I've done something stupid.

I didn't continue with the pedals as  it suddenly occurred to me that I better drill all the holes for the footwell  panels while access is easy. Made a start before I was dragged out of the garage by the wife to do 'house stuff'  - boo,  hiss!

On holiday for 10 days from Tuesday so no updates until my return - hope you will survive, my loyal fans ;-)

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