Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Countdown begins - T-11 days.

Yeehaa!! Kit ready for collection on July 18th, although a comedy of errors by email had me up one second, depressed the next. Back to happy now (still time for more emails, i guess).

I've been painting the calipers over the last week. The paint is bad stuff - presumably poisonous fumes, runny as hell and dries into a lump very quickly if you don't spread it in time. I've done 5 coats so far and it's still not great looking. I guess people won't see them that close up but anyway. With hindsight, might have been better to dismantle them and use spray paint rather. In one piece,  they are too difficult to mask up for spray paint.

Also bought some very fetching mechanics overalls. I must have a weird shape body because i had to get a huge size just to get a pair which didn't give me a wedgy!

Getting excited....

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