Saturday, 18 July 2015

T-0 - we have lift-off!!

Collection day!

Started badly with the world's slowest van hire receptionist - 40 minutes for her to single-fInger type my details, photocopy everything 3 times and struggle to understand the card machine! Then a forensically detailed examination of the van...FFS! Finally got on the road at 9am...

3.5 hours later and we arrive at a suspiciously closed-looking GBS. Thankfully, Ruth and Richard were there. This was my kit ready to load:

All loaded up about an hour later:

Spent another 20 minutes taking pictures of one of the half-built kits, for when i get stuck. Left for the return journey.

Got home and managed to squeeze everything in with the help of a friend to get the chassis in.

Ok, now it's a reality, i don't know where to start - so much to do! I need to go get the diff (hopefully next weekend) as that is the first bit to bolt in.

Until then, I've been advised to get the steering column grommet in - it's supposed to be a pig to do so worth getting it done before anything else is in the way. I also need to paint the front brake calipers to match the rears and tidy up the old steering column they gave me.

That'll do for now...the real journey has begun (fanfare, fireworks)!!

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