Friday, 24 July 2015

More bushes

Couple of days delay while I waited for some bits to arrive...

Done about half of the suspension parts now - bushes and crush tubes. According to GBS,  crush tubes should be flush with the bushes. Most of the crush tubes have been a fraction too long so I've had to file them down a little.

EDIT: No,  no,  no - do NOT file the tubes. GBS now produce them pretty much exactly as you need them.  They should protrude a tiny amount from the bushes (0.1mm maybe). 

The new ignition barrel arrived and slotted in easily - but significantly,  I now have keys,  which seems strange considering the big box of bits that is the car they belong to.

I'm picking up the diff  tomorrow but then go on holiday on Tuesday,  so not sure if I'll get time to fit it but I'd like to - be nice for the chassis to look a little different ☺

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