Tuesday, 14 July 2015

T-4 days

Saturday pickup at 11am confirmed and paid the first 2 big invoices - no going back now!

Total cost so far: £6,833.

Not sure why that is less than i mentioned a few posts ago but anyway....that is the cost to a rolling chassis (minus wheels and tyres, so not a very good rolling chassis :-) ).

New buy this week is a small DAB radio for the man-cave. A mere £25 but amazingly good little unit. Sadly, it is replacing my 26-year old Sony stereo that I've had since university - didn't want to do it but i can't listen to Susie radio any more (about the only station the old one could get reception on).

Did i mention i got a whiteboard? Very popular with the kids...finally put something useful on it tonight; my planned build order i listed in an earlier post.

Sleeping for the next few nights is going to be tricky...

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