Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Lights, camera...

I did originally think of trying to setup a time-lapse camera for my build but a dedicated camera was just too expensive and it seems strange to me that normal cameras don't have such a function - it's only a timer, surely?

Then fortune struck - my son dropped his mobile phone and cracked the screen. As it was his birthday and had been nagging for a new phone for ages, we got him a new one, which left me with an old phone. With a camera. And i already had bought LapseIt Pro, a £2.50 app which is very good.

So, one spare car phone holder, tin can (for the sucker to suck to) and voila!

Quick test tonight and seems to work ok - genius. Only worry is that the SD card is a cheap Chinese one that has already lost me some other video but it's ok so far.

Also optimistically booked a van for collection day - £80 and i can cancel 2 days before if GBS decide to get funny...


  1. I'm doing the same, so I'm looking forward to comparing build videos!

    1. Will do :-)

      And congrats for being the first person to comment on my blog - you win a t-shirt!