Sunday, 19 July 2015

First stumbling steps

Well, i promised the wife that i wouldn't spend my life in the garage, so only managed a few hours today but strangely productive...

Finished the discs off and whacked a quick coat of Hammerite on part of the old steering column:

Using some bits of wood and a G-clamp, i managed to get the 'nightmare' steering column grommet done in 15 minutes - hope I've done it right:

And (drum roll please)....drilled my first hole:

....followed by 10 or so others in the rear panel (using clecos for the first time). A couple have ended up a bit too close to the edge of the tube but i don't think it will be a problem? I've asked for advice on the GBS forum about it...

I'm planning on drilling as many holes as possible but not riveting anything until as late as possible - the later i leave it, the more access i have for routing brake pipes etc.

An unforseen positive is the interest my previously X-Box-addicted son is showing - got him doing the dull job of removing panel protection stuff:

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