Tuesday, 21 July 2015


I wasn't  100% sure of how to do the bushes.  There was absolutely no chance of pushing them in by hand and I wasn't too sure how much force to use.  The bushes are only plastic and I didn't want to deform them. However,  after another read of Richard's blog,  I found an excellent description of how to do the bushes on both pedals and suspension units. Basically, remove the powder coating in the tubes (I did it with my Dremel),  grease the tube and bush,  place in vice between 2 pieces of wood and slowly turn - works a treat:

Managed 2 pedals and 1.5 wishbones before I ran out of Dremel sandpaper roll thingies - more shopping needed:

Also started on painting the front calipers - I expect I'll need 5 or so coats,  if the rears are anything to go by.

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