Monday, 20 July 2015

Staring at things

A couple of hours very little.  I was planning of continuing with drilling the rear panel but then realised that I've been using a 3mm drill bit when the rivets are 3.2mm. I assumed that I'd never manage to drill an EXACT 3mm hole but it seems I'm better than I thought and the rivets don't fit.  Problem is,  I've only got a metric drill set so my next bit size is 3.5mm. I drilled one hole that size and the rivet is just a little loose so it looks like I need to buy some 3.3mm bits.

I then spent 30 minutes finding and then staring stupidly at the pedals. GBS provide a list of items needed for the pedals but absolutely no clue how they go together.  Many thanks to Richard for having an excellent picture on his blog of the pedal setup. Sadly,  none of the bushes for the pedals fit - I need to remove the powder coating from the inner surface of the pedal joint (?),  I think.

The only thing I actually did tonight was to remove the old ignition barrell from the steering column - 30 minutes with a hacksaw,  screwdriver and pliers:

Need to order some bits and pieces - tap and die set in particular to get powder coating out of threads. 

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