Saturday, 8 August 2015

Swiss cheese

Well,  after a sweltering time in Spain,  back to... er...  hot England and some build problems.

Firstly,  painting the front calipers is not going well. After 4 coats,  it's just not covering as well as the back ones did and the front calipers are more visible than the backs.  I'll persevere...

The tight pedals are a problem so I've had to try take them apart.  It seems I need to get some thickness out of the crush tubes so that the pedals move freely. Unfortunately,  that's not proving easy - I can't get the darn main crush tube out the pedal. I even put it in the freezer hoping it would contract enough but no good. I may have to hack it out and get a new one from GBS.

Then I tried to use the new tap,  now supposedly the right size,  to clear the powder coat out of the seat belt threads. But,  again,  it feels like I'm re-threading rather than clearing out. I've put a question on the GBS forum - maybe that's normal?

I wanted to get on with the diff but I needed some fittings for it. Simple,  you'd think,  in this day and age of instant gratification but no. It seems that 270mm M12 bolts are not available from the usual suspects (Screwfix,  Toolstation etc). Annoyingly,  GBS do a fitting kit with everything needed which,  if I'd thought ahead,  I could have ordered as part of the main kit collection. Now I have to wait for Monday to order it and then try be patient until it gets delivered. I'm not a patient person.

Finally,  in this tail of woe,  GBS  advised that ALL bolts should be of strength 8.8 or higher,  to save hassle at IVA time. So the pack of bolts I bought (4.8) are useless and a waste of £10 or so -  annoying.

The title of this post refers to the fact that I at least did something positive,  drilling holes for the footwell and tunnel panels:

But even that wasn't perfect - there are quite large gaps (3mm) in a couple of corners. I'm not sure if I've put the panel in wrong or that is normal and I'm expected to try fill it with gunk later or just leave it - another question for GBS.

UPDATE: gaps are normal,  fill with gunk (sorry,  bond).

Not a good day but it's never going to go smoothly the whole way.... some good lessons today.

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