Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Washing up

GBS have advised that I should use the smaller flat washers under bolt heads and nuts rather than the penny washers I had used. Because they're thicker,  the smaller washers are less likely to distort when tightened - the penny washers are only for shimming.

So I spent a good hour replacing the penny washers on the suspension parts,  so they look like this now:

I've tightened (not torqued) the bolts but I'm a little concerned - the suspension feels too solid. Before I tightened up,  I could just very slightly compress the shock by hand by lifting on the hub carrier  - now I can't.  Another question for GBS... they're going to get very bored of me.

Also,  the bolts for the shock don't seem long enough - I'll only 1 or 2 threads showing when I tighten them up,  which doesn't seem enough.

And the rear hub carriers that arrived the other day have no bolts with them - am I supposed to source them? Another GBS question.

Who'd have thought bolts would cause so many problems?

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