Sunday, 23 August 2015

Bouncing on

Well,  turned out I'd left a penny washer out of the lower wishbone to hub carrier bolt,  which is why it was sinking in to the bush. No harm done apart from the time needed to take it out and re-do it.

A good piece of advice from GBS when tightening this all up is to disconnect the shock from the upper wishbone.  Before tightening,  the hub/upper and lower wishbone combination should move freely -  in fact,  it will drop down under gravity alone.  Then tighten one bolt at a time,  checking that you can move the combination by hand. The suspension may stay in one place by this point but still be moveable by hand. I just then tightened it as much as I could (within reason),  checked it was still moveable by hand,  reconnected the shock and job done,  finally.

Last little job was to use a paint pen to mark all the bolts.

Oh and another good piece of advice is to make sure any bolts that come close to where the rear panel will be,  is to make sure they are put in with the nut end nearest to the panel. This means that,  one day in the future when the rear panel is on,  you will still be able to remove the bolt without having to make a hole in the rear panel. Hope that makes sense...

I've started on the next job of preparing the drive shafts:

They're directly off an old Sierra,  so I just want to replace the boots and clean them up a bit. Taking off the old boots produced a large amount of old grease which has made a right old mess of my workbench. Not done any more for now as I need to work out what to degrease it with and what sort of grease to put back in.

For a laugh,  I took the handbrake kit out of its bag but not a great move -  I have absolutely NO idea how it fits in. I fear poor Simon at GBS will be called upon again...

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