Tuesday, 11 August 2015


As promised by GBS,  the diff fittings turned up today,  along with some friends :

Drive shafts,  front uprights and.... er....  other bits which I'd paid for but weren't ready on my collection day.  Still waiting for the propshaft but no rush for that.

So,  decided to get the diff in. Unfortunately,  my son was unavailable to help but I soldiered on (I mentioned that I wasn't very patient,  yeah?). First attempt at getting the diff up was... dubious (those of a H&S-nervous disposition may want to look away now) :

That at least got it up to almost the right height,  then some straps to let it sway gently in the breeze:

That was the easy part - the various bolts were a pain in the neck. The first lower bolt was pretty easy as  it went in a slot,  although I did have to file a little off one of the spacers to get it in. After that,  I could never get all holes lined up - I could get any 2 bolts in  but the 3rd would always be slightly out. Eventually decided on ensuring the 2 smaller front ones were in and got violent on the last long bolt across the top - it's in:

I feel like I've been 5 rounds with Tyson :-)

None of the bolts torqued up yet - I'm just waiting on an answer about whether I should have put an extra 2 washers on the lower bolt next to the spacers. They weren't in the kit but because they're in a slot,  there's a lot less metal keeping them in place.

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