Monday, 17 August 2015

Wish upon a bone

Ooh exciting - I was able to get the shocks out of the box - they are a lovely,  solid bit of engineering and the first seemed to go on so easily:

Hopefully this is the right one - it's one of the shorter pair that I believe go on the back.

The suspension on the right hand side was a little more temperamental,  requiring some filing of the upright to get the washers between the upright and the lower wishbone,  which I've read is pretty important:

So both sides now done,  although nothing done up tight yet.

 I've read that I shouldn't torque these up until the car is on its wheels,  although I'm going to question that because at the moment all the bolts are easily accessible.  By the time the wheels are on,  it might be a lot trickier to get to them.

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