Thursday, 20 August 2015


Darn,  flip,  bugger.... Captain Screw-up has made a visit...

You know I said the suspension seemed a bit firm? It is.  Too much.

When I started the suspension,  I read some older blogs which stated that they had to file the crush tubes down a little because they were too long and not flush to the bushes.

What I didn't  realise was that,  a year or 2 ago,  the crush tubes were being produced 3mm or so too long so they did have to be filed down. However,  since then GBS have a new laser cutter which cuts the crush tubes much more accurately so they don't need any filing now.

In fact,  the crush tubes are supposed to protrude a tiny amount (0.1mm maybe).  I saw this protrusion and assumed this was the extra length that others had to file down.  Nope. No. Wrong.

If you do this,  when you tighten up the bolts,  they lock up against the bushes instead of the crush tube. As the suspension relies on the bushes being able to rotate around the crush tubes,  if they are locked up,  the suspension cannot move and you get what I have.


Spent an hour removing the suspension and getting all the crush tubes out. I've called GBS and they've sent me a new set of crush tubes.  I also ordered some bolts needed for the brake hubs and carriers - £50 I didn't want to have to spend.

On a slight positive,  I've done my first rivnuts for the LP fuel pump shelf:

Strangely enjoyable and they are a great invention. I vaguely put everything together,  with the exception of the filter.  Being a tightwad,  I bought a filter off eBay (£6) instead of paying GBS (£45) - however,  mine doesn't come with the bracket to attach it to this panel,  which I guess the GBS one does have?

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