Sunday, 16 August 2015

Pedal to the metal

A few days break and back to work...

The inner pedal tube I've been trying to file down is obviously made of adamantium - after about 3 hours,  3 sheets of emery paper and 2 sheets of aluminium oxide paper (supposedly better than emery paper),  I seemed to be getting nowhere. So out with the big guns,  a file. Even then,  it needed several attempts before I finally got the pedals to go on easily.  Unbelievable.

After that,  the pedals were simple to sort out,  apart from some filing down of spacers:

Nothing tightened up yet - lots to sort out before that. Need to get some proper bolts for the brake cylinder for one.

Finally cleared out the seat belt fix point threads - took quite a while because there were 8 of them to do:

Now started on the proper suspension - I started with the left rear,  having no clue how it was supposed to go on. However,  it seemed pretty straightforward which is worrying because it probably means I've done something wrong.  I'm going to go off now and check a few other blogs to make sure:

Again,  nothing tightened up yet in case it has to come off.

Good progress today...

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