Sunday, 23 July 2017

Too sexy for the drive

A spurious post just to show the pretty much completed car:

Just need those darn plates! I got all excited when I saw an envelope from the DVLA but they had just sent me back all my documentation,  rejecting the application! It was rejected because of water damage to some of the sheets (not my damn fault and it was still readable),  photocopies of invoices aren't allowed (they weren't photocopies; GBS only have online invoices so I just printed them out) and I hadn't sent a Certificate of Newness, a document I'd never heard of and isn't obviously on the list of docs I needed to send. And the V55 doc has to be a proper form with a carbon copy,  not printed off the Internet.

I phoned the DVLA in a right mood and had a real go at the poor sod who picked up - I've phoned them 3 times and EVERY time they said they had taken a look at the docs and said they looked ok.  Could they not have seen the water damage and the supposed photocopies and the wrong V55 and told me 3 weeks ago?! And GBS didn't help - turns out the certificate of newness is just a headed letter from them to say I had bought the kit new from them - why had they not told me about that when I rang up to ask some questions about the forms?

Fortunately,  GBS managed to email the 'certificate' promptly and the DVLA person gave me her direct address so I've posted everything back and she promised it should only take a couple of days from when she gets it. Damn well better be or I'll drive to Swansea and camp outside the building...!!

I started on the wipers and by sheer fluke (I had a 50/50 chance but normally I'm not lucky),  I've got the motor parking on the left as I wanted,  so no mod needed. Even better,  the wiper blade fits the screen without needing any trimming,  as most people seem to need to do. I think this is maybe because I've put the bottom cross bar underneath the frame rather than inside the frame,  so my screen is an inch higher (the wiper is about 5mm off the top of the screen - perfect).

Having said that, after all the mucking about with my switch to get the park,  it isn't working! Switch off and the wipers just stop dead! Annoying but not the end of the world. The wipers aren't on yet because I think I'll need to bend the arm slightly to make the blade perpendicular to the screen - at the moment,  it's at an angle which isn't allowing the motor to move them properly.

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