Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Look back in style

When I were a lad,  I loved Cary Grant films and one scene in one of them,  To Catch A Thief,  always stayed in the back of my mind. Cary Grant and Grace Kelley in a very fake car scene:

And what I always was fascinated by is that little rear view mirror.  I do not really understand why but I just knew I always wanted one. So today,  a mini-dream came true (that black one for IVA never counted) :

It may not give much of a view back but I don't care - looks great.

I have wired up the new wiper switch but it blows the fuse so I've not done it right - question asked on forum to work out what I've done wrong.

Wiper gearboxes are loosely in place:

I put the motor roughly in place and marked on the flexible cable where it meets the gearboxes.  I then used that to cut the tube into 3 pieces - I need to slightly bend the first piece. Can't fit it yet until I've fixed the wiring...

Used a company called National Windscreens to measure and cut my windscreen glass:

Finally,  I've prepped the nose for the number plate:

I spoke to the DVLA again today - they hope to get my application complete by this time next week...


  1. I think that mirror is only good for posing

  2. You'd be surprised Bro, it does actually work - I get a decent view backwards. Really, the whole car is for posing... ☺