Thursday, 20 July 2017

All clear ahead

Surprisingly,  the windscreen wasn't too tricky to do,  although I've not done a great job.

First off,  I polished the scuttle as I'm about to cover half of it and it will be difficult to get to in future.

I'm not a big polisher and this took me 30 minutes - I won't be doing this often!

I removed the glass and re-drilled bigger holes in the side pieces - it's really difficult to get the self-tappers in,  I found out with the 2 side screws, so I needed the holes bigger. Glass back in,  gaffer tape to pull the arms in,  son holding the frame in place and slowly screwed in 8 screws. A Stanley knife to trim the rubber and done:

Now, bad stuff - the screws are VERY difficult to get in so none are all the way in. The screen feels rock solid so I don't think it's a problem but close inspection will show up gaps between frame and supports. Worse is the fact that the windscreen guy seems to have cut the glass a tiny bit too small so it doesn't go in far enough on one side. Not horrendous - if it causes a problem I'll use some bond on it.

I went for a short drive up the road and all good - it didn't drop off,  no vibrations,  seemed very solid. Best of all,  it makes the driving experience so much better when your head isn't getting blown off.

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