Friday, 28 July 2017


So,  I've had eyes,  ears and now,  eyelashes:

I did have to trim the arms a little in the end but they are adjustable so I just trimmed the adjustable end so they could adjust smaller (if that makes sense). I also had to twist them slightly to make the blades sit perpendicular to the screen. Despite all this and even with some water on the screen,  I can't get both wipers to move (it worked with one).

I've also contacted Softbits to order a hood,  which is going to take 4 weeks or so. For the hood to work,  however,  I'm going to have to lower my seat by removing that extra bar I added a few weeks ago to get through IVA because my head is just above the rollbar and will be up against the roof when on. Softbits tell me it vibrates at speed and will drive me nuts if it's vibrating against my head. Sounds bad so seats to be lowered....

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