Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Through the looking glass

Finally sorted the wiper switch wiring with the help of Les off the RHOCAR forum (schematic is on the electrics page ) but it took me ages to get the motor connected through the wiper gearboxes.

The problem was the metal pipe that the wiper wire runs through - I had to bend the first piece slightly but I kept getting a tiny kink in the pipe which stopped the wire going through. I had to trim and redo that pipe several times,  ending up with hardly anything left! It's in now but it's not the smoothest motion,  making a bit of a rasping noise. Hopefully it won't be too noticeable on the move.

UPDATE: Nope, horribly, horribly wrong - see here for how to do it properly.

Attached the mirrors to the windscreen brackets:

Next up is the windscreen - I didn't have a great idea of how hard this would be,  so I decided to try it out despite it getting a bit late. I used some washing up liquid on the rubber trim that comes with the kit from GBS and it was actually quite simple,  with help from my son to hold the frame upside down - the glass slipped into the frame easily:

The hard bit now is to get a self-tapping screw through the side  and into the cross member (this is how the factory do it, it seems). Doesn't seem the greatest method but I can't think of a better way. Next time...

I called the DVLA and I'm starting to get hacked off with them.  They've had my paperwork almost 4 weeks now and,  yes,  they officially quote 6 weeks but they keep promising me one week from now - and they've done it again! I'm just glad the car isn't ready anyway,  otherwise I'd be tearing my hair out.


  1. :) The washing up liquid will come back next time you go out in the rain - its really funny - my first wet drive and bubbles/suds floating past me!

    Long wood-screws + some small plates made up of scrap stainless or aly can help that corner joint strength, countersink then clean up the heads to flush with a dremel afterwards.

  2. :-) the windscreen guy suggested using glass cleaner instead but I didn't have any in the house.

    Yes, I've seen your blog and how you did the end pieces but to be honest, I'm too lazy to do those extra bits - I can see them being a nightmare to get right and to try hold the whole lot together while screwing the screw in. Eventually, it is the side pillars which will hold the frame together, so it should be fine.