Sunday, 2 July 2017

Shark gills

So the bunting has been put away,  the dancing girls have left,  time to return to work.

I found someone local to cut louvres in my bonnet and it looks epic - I love the look of them:

I connected up the wiper motor and immediately blew the fuse - I've got the wiper switch on my dash wired wrong,  as I expected because I didn't put a huge amount of thought into it (wasn't needed for IVA).

The Carling switches are great but trying to understand the technical data sheet about them requires a degree in electronics - which I have but it's not helping me ☺.  Need some quality time with a multimeter.

Bought the windscreen frame and mounts from GBS and I've found a local company who will cut me the glass.

I decided to sort out the issues of getting my car in and out the garage (I've got a 2 inch lip that keeps catching the seat bolts) .  I've been using some simple wooden ramps I made but they're rubbish and have mostly fallen apart. So,  out with the concrete... I've never done a decent amount of concrete before (built a brick BBQ years ago) so I thought the 4 bags of ready-mixed concrete would be enough - oh no! Sixteen bags (!)  later....

I am in SO much pain - mixing all that concrete by hand almost killed me. I hope this works OK,  it's a bit thin in places... we'll see in a few days.

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