Sunday, 9 July 2017


Not much done all week; GBS sent me the wrong windscreen frame (I've got a GT chassis and they sent the narrow-body frame) so I've been waiting for that to arrive. It finally came on Friday and I first bolted the pillars to the scuttle.

Others seem to have trimmed and put the crossbar of the frame inside the main frame. I'm hoping to get a little more height to my screen by attaching the crossbar below the main frame,  if that makes sense. Less than an inch difference but every little helps...

This is it loosely in place:

Spent ages trying to work out how to use my existing wiper switch to work with the wiper motor but,  without a couple of relays,  it wasn't going to work.  I couldn't be sure which Carling circuit would work but eventually a quick call to Carling sorted it. Best of all,  they're sending me a switch for free,  which is very good of them.

I called the DVLA and,  in theory I should get my V5 by this Wednesday.... fingers crossed.

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