Friday, 15 January 2016

Under starters orders

Brief visit to the garage to fit the starter motor (15 minute job) :

... and then the alternator:

This took a little longer trying to work out exactly where the bits go but this blog entry really helped (although I found it after I had filed off the wrong section of powder coat).

It's only loosely attached for now as I think it may have to partly come off for the manifold.

UPDATE: after 1200 miles of actual driving, this cheap alternator died on me. Spend the extra cash and buy a Denso (GBS actually only stock the Denso now because so many of these other crud ones came back).

While I'm here,  this is a pic of what the sump under the car looks like and shows quite clearly the bell housing sticking out about half an inch below the sump:

Hopefully,  that won't come to haunt me when the cars on the road...

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