Saturday, 23 January 2016

My weight in Emeralds

Not had time all week to get into the garage,  what with cleaning up after the puppy! It's like having a baby wandering around without a nappy on...

Anyway,  had a delivery of the most expensive single item (pound for pound) of the whole build -  the Emerald ECU. A box half the size of my laptop with no screen, keyboard or hard drive but costs almost 3 times as much! It should be made of emerald for that price...

Didn't even do much tonight - finally shortened and fitted the gearbox mount bolt,  adjusted the quickshift to make the lever sit vertically when in neutral,  tightened up the steering rack and spent ages staring at where the loom has to go.

To save money,  I'm going to make up part of the engine loom myself.  I've bought a flying loom from Emerald which has the main plug pre-wired with the basic wires (injectors,  ignition,  temp sensor etc) and a load of extra wires if you want to add other stuff. With a printout of the GBS loom pins and ECU pins,  I've mapped the 2 so I have an idea what connects to what.

I had also ordered an engine plug from GBS which was supposed to be the male of the 'engine link' plug on the main loom but it arrived with a female plug! Called GBS and it seems the whole consignment they ordered from another supplier is like that.  They apologised profusely and will send me out a correct one when it's done.  I spent ages trying to find just the plug itself (the GBS one also comes pre-wired) but they don't seem to exist in this country.  I could have got it from the US but would cost a small fortune. Wish I knew where GBS got theirs from...

The radiator,  fan and brackets are also now here so I can start thinking about the cooling system as well. Again,  to save cash,  I'm not using the water rail kit - I'll just use the standard Ford thermostat so I need to buy some piping,  silicon tubes and a header tank and then decide which one of the 5 different layouts I've found online to use!

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