Sunday, 31 January 2016

Spaghetti Junction

Started today with sorting out the fuel rail - GBS suggested swapping the fuel regulator from one end to the other,  and hacking off most of the long fuel line currently on there.

The result was actually much neater than the original:

.... and fitted on neatly:

Also fitted the engine earth strap and prepared the rivnut for the main chassis ground,  making sure I removed the powder coat around the holes (I'll paint over them with Hammerite later) :

Finally,  taking a deep breath,  I opened the bag of wires:

I have bought the flying loom from Emerald,  which has the main plug pre-wired with the basic connections. It looks bad mainly because they have provided enough wire to do the QE2! I'm going to end up using a fraction of it.

I had previously spent some quality time with the GBS pin-out diagrams and the Emerald documentation,  to see where the 2 meet. So,  initially,  I bunched and labelled those wires:

These need to be soldered together and heat shrunk.

Next step was just to label up all the wires pre-installed in the flying loom:

I've added a couple of others - the flying loom is excellent for this as Emerald have provided spare wires with pins attached.  They just push fit into the main plug...superb.

Next step is to start making up connectors for the various sensors...

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