Sunday, 3 January 2016

Light bulb moment

I had a bit of a Eureka moment last night about the electrics.

I've been most concerned about the plug on the main  GBS loom labelled 'engine link'. The pin-out from GBS suggested connections for relays,  tachograph etc,  which was confusing me. I assumed this plug should have wires to the various engine sensors but there was nothing on the pin-out list for TPS,  air temp etc. And then I couldn't understand why the engine sensors would need to connect to a relay?

All very confusing - and then it dawned on me,  the ECU would need links to the relays to switch on the fuel pump,  for example. So that plug mostly takes connections from the ECU and the engine sensors wire into the ECU - really,  that plug should be labelled 'ECU link'.

I could yet be proven wrong but it feels much more sensible and has cheered me up no end.

Almost worth not getting to sleep until 3am for :-)

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