Saturday, 2 January 2016

Low Life

Continued with the seat preparation by sticking paper to the floor,  putting the seats in position and marking on the paper where the runners were. I then removed the seats and measured as best as I could the locations of the holes:

I can almost guarantee the holes won't match up so I've drilled them with a 9mm bit rather than 8mm, to give me a tiny bit of leeway when it comes to bolting them in.

I then added the runners to the passenger seat:

... but I've not done the floor yet because I haven't put the tunnel panel in yet and that will alter where the seat goes.

While the seats were out,  I decided to do the rivnuts for the top tunnel panels:

Again,  that rivnut tool I mentioned a few posts ago came up trumps - took 15 minutes to do 12 rivnuts. Drilling the holes took far longer...

Finally for today,  a minor Milestone - time to get the car off the high trestles in preparation for fitting the engine,  hopefully next weekend.  To do this,  I made use of the engine crane to support the rear of the car:

... and with the help of a friend,  raised it enough to pull the trestle out (not before time,  it was looking very wonky),  placed axle stands below a couple of suspension points and slowly lowered the rear of the car onto them.

The front,  being lighter,  was much simpler - I held the front of the car up and my trusty assistant,  Dave,  pulled the trestle out and placed the other axle stands in the right spot and I lowered it down. Job done and it feels SO low:

Best of all,  I could,  for the first time,  sit in my car and make vroom-vroom noises:

The seat isn't fully in position,  so hopefully my head will end up below the rollbar :-)

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