Thursday, 7 January 2016

Metal Gear Solid

In an early post,  I encountered the hardest metal I'd ever personally come across,  the inner tube for the pedals. Well,  today I came across something even tougher - the dirt shield I bought to try block off some of the gaps around the bell housing.

I ordered the dirt shield without talking to the company,  which was a mistake. They had 2 on their website,  one for the type 9 gearbox and one for an RS200. I assumed the latter would fit my MT75 (I don't know why) but nope:

So I decided to cut it up and use separate pieces and this is where I discovered the amazing hardness of whatever its made out of! My trusty hacksaw was getting through it but at an almost invisible pace,  I destroyed the blade of a coping saw and finally had to resort to my jigsaw. It was quicker but the noise was unbelievable.

Anyway,  I've got 3 pieces to use when I come to joining the engine up. Below is an example of one of the gaps I want to block up:

I also sawed off some more of the bell housing around the starter motor as others have found they needed to do this.

Hopefully get the engine in at the weekend...

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