Friday, 29 January 2016

Puppy love - not.

The puppy is supposed to be for my wife really but blimey,  it's hard work. Wife is knackered cleaning up after it all day so I'm not allowed to 'waste'  time in the garage when I get home - I have to look after Eddie and give her a break. Very PC but damn frustrating when I've got so much to do... 

Finally sneaked some time in this evening and first,  filled the gearbox with oil. 

I then cut off the original reversing switch plug and made up a new connector to the loom:

I did try to test the switch still worked using a multimeter but as I haven't got the clutch correctly adjusted,  I couldn't get the gearbox into reverse to do the test - I'll have to hope it's OK. 

After clarification from GBS about where the oil pressure sensor goes,  I removed the bung in the engine but the sensor is the wrong size to fit in. The sensor came with my Smiths gauges,  so shouldn't it fit? Back to GBS.... 

I then loosely fitted the plenum and fuel rail - looks much more engine-like now:

I think I've decided to not put any stalks on the steering column - I've got some Sierra stalks but no plugs or wires and I can't find anywhere to get them either. I also quite like the idea of lots of switches on the dash - I'm not really into minimalism,  I prefer lots of buttons. 

So,  I've spent a long time building up a shopping cart of warning lights,  plugs and rocker switches for lights, hazards, indicators etc. I just need to sort out which bits I need for the cooling system and I'll order them all. 

Looking online,  there are several different layouts for cooling systems and I've put a few posts on  forums to try work out the best. Below is a nice simple example I hope I can duplicate:

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