Sunday, 17 January 2016

A furry distraction

Garage time has been limited following a new arrival yesterday:

Say hello to Eddie - he's a cocker spaniel and very cute.

After tearing myself away,  I started on the air inlet manifold. I loosely placed it in position and realised it didn't get in the way of the alternator so I tightened that up first and fitted the belt:

Next step was to attach the plenum to the manifold piece I'd filed down. As I had done the filing myself and the manifold didn't fit absolutely perfectly (and someone has had air leakage problems at this junction),  I wanted to put some instant gasket between manifold and plenum. This is the stuff applied and the pieces clamped and left to dry:

Before I fit this,  I need to fit what I think is the oil pressure sensor which is just below the plenum. But just waiting for confirmation that that is what it is and I may need to buy some sort of socket to remove the existing Ford version:

I've also bitten the bullet and ordered the Emerald ECU,  radiator and a few other bits from GBS. I will call Emerald tomorrow and order the fly leads they sell and the great wiring extravaganza can begin.

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