Monday, 11 January 2016

The hangover

After the excitement of the weekend,  I went into the garage tonight to check that I hadn't done anything stupid - and it wasn't too bad.

I'd forgotten to tighten the bolts inside the engine mounts,  the end where the rubber bushes fit in. I also hadn't tightened the main bellhousing bolts but I also realised there was a spare hole at the 9 o'clock position on the bellhousing,  which is great - I feel much happier with an extra bolt at this junction. Knowing my luck,  I'll have to remove it for some future item but I can't see what at the moment.

I also realised that I could simply turn round the propshaft bolts with the small shank as the holes in the propshaft aren't threaded,  so the shanked end fits in there fine. But,  would you believe it,  the nuts I ordered (from the same damn company!) seem to be a different pitch size - they won't screw on. However,  I couldn't get the bolts out because the gearbox was still in gear and I couldn't turn the propshaft to allow room for the bolts to be removed.

So,  I connected up the clutch cable just enough to get the gearbox into neutral - yup,  I sat in my car,  depressed the clutch pedal and moved the gear lever into neutral! I'll admit to just sitting there for a few minutes,  dreaming of a country road on a summers day...

One other issue - the reverse switch on the side of the gearbox is going to be a bit tricky to get to - I should have got it ready before installing the gearbox. Ah well...

So many things to be done now... starter motor and alternator first,  I think.

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