Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Tortoise and the Hare

Man,  this last stage is taking forever! I seem to be getting so little done in each session and all I am doing is adding to my list of things to do - small things but still...

So,  got the bits to finish off the headlight wiring APART from one,  single,  damn connector for the indicator wires! Aargghhh...

Spent ages trying to neaten up the routing of the wires along the wishbones and into the body. Because I had to extend the wires, I had to use butt connectors which make the wiring look a bit like a snake after a big meal:

I connected up the battery to check the lights still worked,  which they did EXCEPT the rear brake lights and indicators - I've somehow wired them up the wrong way round so brake lights flash when the indicators are on -  doh! A quick fix some time...

I still can't find the stickers I bought a few months ago to label the aux panel switches and I also can't find the grip tape I bought for the pedals! Really annoying me -  I'll have to order them again.

I took the dash off,  hopefully for the last time,  to try tidy up the wiring and to replace the wiper switch. While there,  I made up a wire for my ECU switch and plugged it into pin 35 on the ECU plug.

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