Sunday, 26 February 2017

Bit of a change

Not build related but if anyone is a regular reader,  I will be changing the URL of this blog to try make it a bit more visible in Google. Despite mucking about with meta tags and other stuff,  for some weird reason,  my blog never appears in a search,  even if you use the exact words of the current URL! Loads of other blogs appear - it's really annoying... Apologies for sounding like a prima Donna - this is more a practical thing because a couple of friends and family members keep asking me for the url of the blog (they seem incapable of using bookmarks) and I keep forgetting what it is. I'd like to be able to tell them to just Google it but that's just not working...

Anyway,  thought I'd try changing the URL because there is an old blog with a very similar name that always appears on the first page of a Google search,  despite the fact it's 5 years old and only has one post!!

So,  new URL will be:

UPDATE: that was taken - it is now:

(although, if you're reading this, you already know that - doh!)

I'll change this in a couple of days to give anyone time to read this post.

Also changed the blog template - hope you approve ☺


  1. New name sounds good - I like your entry titles too, always have a twist!

    Tip/advice/FWIW - hope this doesn't sound patronising - not meant to be:

    As much as you can post links to your content elsewhere:
    #1 - content is king - frequent unique updates, + its that one random update with info that doesn't appear anywhere else that starts to trigger more traffic.
    #2 - link in from forums/facebook etc - i.e. generate word of mouth
    #3 - link out to other places you might get some traffic back

    That starts to get the google indexing/crawlers drive more organic traffic to your site.

    1. Thanks Richard - I put a post on FB, a link is in my signature on a couple of forums and I've linked to it in a couple of other unrelated forums. I know I've had people link in from there, so they do work BUT I still never appear in a Google search, not even after 15 pages and it's starting to show unrelated links!

      I've used Google search console to do a crawl (no errors) and force a re-index (it only found an index to 2 pages) - no change. Weird...

      And yet a blog from 2012 with just 1 post appears on page 1 of Google, when you search for 'zero kit car build' !!

    2. Hi Neil. Are your blog settings set to allow crawling by search engines?

    3. Yup - I don't show on 'zero kit car build' only on Richards Kit, Richards GBS etc...

    4. @Phil, Yup...

      @Richard, your blog appears on page 2 of the search...

    5. Darn, new URL not available - changed to