Tuesday, 21 February 2017


Well,  the boot panels took me a little longer than I expected but,  man,  was it fun.

The left side was simple as the piece fitted with no work needed. However,  the other side was more difficult. I guess GBS just make both pieces identical to save costs?

The piece on the right has to go round the fuel sender,  so needs some cutting:

So far,  so easy. Problem is that the wires for the fuel sender stick up and are vulnerable to anything moving round in the boot. So, with my amazing metalworking skills (?),  I fashioned a little tent to protect the connections:


At this stage of my build,  I'm running out of stuff so I had to use scraps to make the cover,  hence the rivets you can see on the top to connect a couple of scraps. The tab on the right will be bonded to the rear panel.

Great fun to do and I think is very useful.

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