Thursday, 2 February 2017

It's gone a bit Pete

Well,  my shroud was looking OK in bare metal and plastic but my vinyl covering skills have gone South for the winter and the final result looks,  to be frank,  crap.

Started by adding a piece of foam to try smooth out the shape:

... but not a good result:

(that mottled effect is supposed to make it look like alacantra/leather - yeah,  I regret that buying choice).

Assuming it still fits on OK (I haven't tried it yet),  it will have to do. Fortunately,  there are no requirements at IVA for the shroud unless being fugly is a problem.

Finished off the front wheel arches by bonding in a cable tie holder in each one,  to hold the indicator wiring in place.


  1. I saw a GBS column cover; long time back now - it was very simple though
    Two halves of a tube - top/bottom, no compound curves, trim to cover the edges.
    Diameter to roughly match the wheel hub.

  2. That's what I wanted to do but there are too many obstructions on the standard Ford column; the ignition barrel on the right, the rake adjustment handle on the left and there's a metal bracket underneath - all prevented a simple shape being made.