Saturday, 25 March 2017

Details, details

It's amazing how slow progress is at this stage - when you're putting an engine in,  or bolting on suspension units,  you feel like you're making big steps. Now,  it takes me 2 hours to get the front tunnel panel on:

Initially,  I was trying to get it on over the carpet on the side panels but I don't think you can ever do that - it comes bent and only enough to fit over the panels neatly. So,  I had to trim off the top inch of carpet to get it on and I may have to do that on the main tunnel piece when I get to that.

I got some foam to lie underneath the boot carpet,  to provide a bit of protection for the fuel tank:

It looks like I'm going to have to put the horn button on the aux panel after all. The steering boss I have has the metal rings that should work with the springs for the horn circuit.  The problem is that the springs won't stay on the rings; there's a small magnet on the end but it just doesn't seem to either be strong enough or maybe I've damaged it at some point in the build. Horn button on order...

The guy from Intatrim was supposed to call me back today to let me know if they had a set of seats ready but he either forget or they aren't open on a Saturday and he forgot it was Friday when I called ☺

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