Friday, 24 March 2017

Are you sitting comfortably?

Well, I'm not! Darn seats are just too big now, with the carpets and the seatbelt bolts narrowing the available space. Much huffing and puffing has not allowed me to get them in - so that's £250 down the drain!

To be honest, it's maybe a good thing - with the seat almost in place and me in the car, my legs almost touch the steering wheel; there's just too much padding and I really need to be lower.

I tried to find some cheap options. One possibility arose for £170 but the reviews were mixed; some said they were fine, others that they were too uncomfortable. With my luck, I'll be in the latter group.

Based on the fact that seats are pretty important in the long-term, I've decided to take it like a man and buy Intatrim Odyssey IIs; £520 for the pair (with harness slots) but they look good in the pictures and I've never read a bad review of them. I'd love to pay another £50 and get some colour on them but I feel bad spending even more cash and also, Intatrim say they may have a black set ready to go (cancelled order from another customer), which means I'll get them much sooner.


  1. Hi I have fitted these and they fit great with loads of room.I have a GT chassis.Do not know how comfortable they will be as still building but just sitting they seem fine I will be interested to see how you fit them.Michael

  2. Good to hear that they fit well. I'd rather you fit them first so I can learn from you ☺

    1. Unlike the GBS seats there are no fixed points to screw the runners onto.The runners I had came from CBS via Intatrim.I positioned the runners on the seats at the ends of the base making sure the handle did not foul the seats.
      Then drilled holes through the seats and bolted them using washers on the top part under the seat base.You will need to ensure bolts not too long.I used socket head screws with unlocks.You will find that the bolts will be under the side bolsters.I measured loads of times to make sure they were paralell.I the followed the advice of Simon on the forum for fixing in the car.The masking tape way worked for me.Bit of advise ensure the bolts are in middle of the holes of the runners then if your holes that you have drilled through the floor are slightly out you have a little wiggle room.

  3. I have these seats too, although bought mine while they were still the previous owners. I can vouch for their comfort factor after a total of 70 miles now covered in them, and they certainly fit perfectly in the GT chassis. As per Michael's comments they're a bit of a pig to fit, but with much measuring and double checking you'll be fine. I replaced the runners I got from Intatrim with some more robust ones, i didn't like the idea of just one side of the runner locking in place. Bought replacements that had locking on both runners and a single bar joining between the 2.