Saturday, 4 March 2017

Non-stick carpeting

Having said the front of the car was finished,  I just had to plug in the front indicators - surely a job of seconds,  I hear you say?

Two (yes,  2!) hours (yes,  hours!) of swearing later and it's done. Jesus.....

The problem is that you can't plug them in without putting the nose on first but once you've done that,  it's very difficult to get your hands down into the nose to get at the plugs,  especially on the O/S where the throttle body is in the way. In fact,  to do the O/S, I resorted to extending the wires by a foot,  so I could pull it all the way out the nose and connect it up.

The stickers arrived for the aux panel and I labelled the various switches. Also adjusted the handbrake and bent the metal switch arm so that the handbrake light came on correctly.

The rear lights are a bit trickier than I thought - I seem to have somehow got the whole assembly the wrong way round,  so I might have to take them off fully and swap them over - annoying.

I broke out the carpets and tried to do the main rear panel piece but I couldn't get the glue to flow. The tin says to use between 5 and 30 degC and it wasn't that cold in my garage,  about 10 degC,  so not sure why it didn't move. Next time,  I'll put it in front of my fan heater to warm it up.

A concern I've had for a while was the body height - from the back,  the car has not been level. Today,  I adjusted the shocks so that they're about halfway up their travel but I still have a wonky chassis height; 135mm on the O/S and 125mm on the N/S. Maybe the weight of the exhaust? I've asked the question on the GBS forum.

Update: I'm told that the height issue is not unusual and the suspension should eventually settle but will probably need some adjustment.

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