Monday, 6 March 2017

Non-light lighting

So,  my rear light clusters weren't quite working right; indicator on,  brake lights flashing and vice-versa. I do recall when wiring up the lights,  trying to work out which side the indicators went on - looks like I got it wrong.

It was a simple matter of turning the base plate of each unit round to fix it - problem was I had to take the wheels off to get to the bolts inside the wheelarch and then 4 bolts per.  side that had to screw out of the rubber mount - bottom line? It took bloody ages! But all working now...

For reference,  a better way of of sorting the lights,  assuming you've got the basic,  rectangular units,  is to look at the bulbs. The indicator bulb only has one filament and should be on the outside of the unit. The other bulb has 2 filaments (and 2 wires going into it),  one filament is 5W for the tail light,  the other is a 21W element for the brake light.

Here endeth the lesson...

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