Saturday, 11 March 2017

Wall to wall shag

After bonding the boot panels in,  time for some carpeting work. The glue is a real pain,  needing to be warmed up to get it to flow. Just as annoying is how much I'm going to need of it - I've used about half of one tin on just 2 pieces. At £9 a tin,  it isn't cheap...

Did one boot panel and the main rear panel :

Does look  great,  though...

Also stuck some grip tape on the pedals :


  1. I ended up using 3 tins for the complete carpet set! One thing I did note was I was liberally applying it like paint to every inch of the carpet, you could get away with just edges and a few dabs in the middle on most pieces i'd say.

  2. I wasn't ever totally covering every inch. I've also experimented with some other stuff that came in a tube and only needs to go on one surface but it didn't look promising when I left the piece to dry. I'll just have to suffer the difficulty of the contact adhesive...