Sunday, 22 November 2015

Stand back - master craftsman at work

OK,  'master' may be pushing it but I have made (drum roll please) - A BRACKET! From a flat piece of metal,  I have fashioned a piece of art (almost).

Can you tell I'm proud?

OK,  so I needed a bracket for the speed sensor.  GBS do one for £13 but,  hey,  why buy one when...? So,  from my sheet of ally I bought before,  magic!




I've riveted it to the drivers side tunnel and roughly fitted the speed sensor after putting a single bolt into the propshaft for reference:


 I had a bit of a panic with the propshaft -  I was told the end with 8 holes connected to the diff but that has a larger flange than the other end and it is too big to fit through the chassis rails:

I've turned it round and I'll just have to confirm with GBS that it's OK.  There's no way it's going in the other way unless I can trim a few mm of the flange which is probably not a great thing.

Also trimmed and fitted the gearbox mount:

I've also managed to borrow an engine crane from Jon on the RHOCAR forum - many thanks Jon and to the 3 others who so kindly offered their cranes. Didn't realise the darn thing was so big:

Finally,  I cut the original air inlet manifold to free up the bit I need to keep and re-use. I was planning on smoothing it down myself but I think GBS can do it for £20 or so and they'll do a much better job,  so I might send it off to them.

Badly need to get the engine in - almost nothing else I can do until then. Now that I've got the crane,  I can make a start on the sump. The only problem is finding the space to get the engine on the crane - my driveway is gravel so the crane won't roll on it.

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