Sunday, 8 November 2015

Milestone no. 1

It occurred to me that there was no reason not to rivet the rear panel on - the shroud can be done afterwards,  as can the fuel filler cap. All the wiring around the diff is now done... so crack on,  a little devil on my shoulder said.

Did a few trial runs because it's a bit fiddly to get the wires for the fog and reversing lights through the panel while trying to balance it on a raised knee at the same time (I tried to get my son involved but no joy). Lucky I did as the hole wasn't quite big enough to get the spade terminals through - I widened them with a larger drill bit.

Next was the gunk -  amazingly,  the tube I last used for the tunnel panels was still flowing.  From experience,  it's very difficult to put gunk on the bottom edge of chassis rails so I decided to put it on the inside of the panel - almost arty:

Then on the other rails and off I went. Lots of swearing as I tried to balance the panel and get the wiring through the holes,  without smearing off too much of the gunk. But eventually,  it was done and then just lots of riveting... I do like rivets - the panel feels so solid and a line of rivets looks great,  I think. 

A major milestone (and frees up loads of space in my garage) and a great feeling of achievement. 

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