Saturday, 28 November 2015

Free! Be free!

After 10 (?) years,  the Zetec is free of its yellow cradle:

Building the crane was hard enough - blimey,  that thing is heavy! First job was to drain the oil:

Impressive colour considering its age... oil filter also loosened in readiness for the smaller one,  when I get it.

Next step was removing the sump and I'm going to have to confess to a 'blonde'  moment.  I removed the black part on the bottom of the engine and was immediately confused - this black bit was smaller than the supposedly raised sump I'm putting back on:

Now,  at this point,  I compounded the embarrassment by calling Tiger to ask why this was.  The kind mechanic then had to explain to the retard on the phone that that black bit is only half the sump - there's another ally section that has to come off:

 Did I feel stupid? The guy admitted that I had won the award for Most Stupid Question of the Day,  so that's an achievement,  I guess.

So,  I removed that section as well,  revealing the soon-to-be beating heart - pistons,  the infamous big-ends,  crankshaft. I'd never seen these things in the flesh before,  so it was quite exciting - sad,  huh?

The next step was to fit the extra plate for the Tiger sump. However,  Looks a little scary in that I have to remove 4 bolts holding half the crankshaft in, replacing them with specially adapted bolts supplied by Tiger. My problem is that I'm doing this with the engine hanging from the crane - last thing I want is for half the engine to drop out on my lap. So stopped for the day and I need to find a Tiger build blog and check how they do it.

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