Wednesday, 18 November 2015


In best Top Gear fashion,  we have power:

This is how it arrived and the delivery driver couldn't get the pallet up my gravel drive - it took me 10 minutes and some straps to drag it this far. A bit more heaving and it was dragged onto my GBS mOne:

As it was still early,  thought I might as well take some bits off the engine.  Being new(ish),  there  are no seized or rusted bolts so it's very quick. Took off the exhaust manifold on one side and the air inlet manifold and fuel rail on the other side:

... which left the engine looking much smaller:

... and me with a pile of parts:

Felt like Xmas today - as well as the engine, the sump,  alternator kit,  starter motor, plenum, gear quickshift and a few other odds and ends all arrived - darn exciting!

I haven't ordered a water rail - I'm hoping to save some cash and not get one. However,  I don't know exactly what's involved in using the standard cooling system,  so I'll probably end up getting it - we'll see. 

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