Tuesday, 17 November 2015

New GBS model

Just finished the latest GBS kit car,  the GBS mOne (minus one,  geddit? ) :


Not sure if it will get through IVA with those edges :-)

OK,  it's a dolly for the engine which should be being delivered tomorrow. Nicked the idea off Richard L and seems a great idea.

Very little else done - trimmed the accelerator pedal to fit in the pedal box and fitted the number plate light:

After  tomorrow,  I will have a load of work to do - engine,  sump,  alternator and several other bits arriving in one go.

Bit annoyed about the gearbox - a few months ago,  I'm sure I saw it for sale for about £500. Contacted the same company and it's now £800,  the same as GBS. I was hoping to save some money there - darn. So that's on order but might take up to 3 weeks.

In my previous post,  I had forgotten to include the windscreen and wet weather gear in my spreadsheet,  so that's added a £1k to my forecasted cost - doh!

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