Saturday, 7 November 2015


82 - not the new meaning of Life but the number of holes I've drilled in the rear panel and shroud:

I managed to bend the rollbar supports up so that they don't need the wooden battens to hold them in place. In the picture above, I fitted the panel and shroud and then spent an age trying to get everything lined up and held in place with clamps. 

Now,  I'm not a perfectionist so if you are,  skip this paragraph. The nearside bend is not perfect at the top - there's about a 5mm overhang. I'll try improve it when I next take the panel off. 

With everything clamped I drilled the holes into the chassis underneath the panel,  using the holes I'd drilled before. While held in places with clecos,  I started marking the shroud for drilling. These are going to be on show so they need to be neat. Started with one hole in the middle and then another every 10cm along the back edge. One hole in the corner and then every 10cm up each side and all down the shroud arms. Finally,  more holes into various chassis rails - 82 in total! 

Next step is to stick the tadpole trim to the shroud... 

I also fitted the fuel sensor:

... and made up a connector for the fuel pump:

As you can see,  I've gone a little overboard with insulation tape over the plugs but I've had experience of plug corrosion on motorbikes - prevention is much better than cure. 

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