Friday, 13 November 2015

Shrouded in mystery

Time to gunk the tadpole trim onto the rear shroud. It's called this because in profile,  it has a round head and long tail,  like a tadpole. It occurred to me it could have an alternative name but I'll leave that to your imagination...

This was a horribly difficult and messy job and I'm afraid I haven't done a great job of it - gunk overspill and I've not made a good job of the corners. Hopefully,  I can improve it once it's riveted on - this is it clamped and drying:

I can't fit it until the small trim for the other edge arrives and I put that on - hope that's easier to do.

I also drilled the holes for the interior side panels:

You may notice that I'm not doing much and the fact is that I've got to the point where I need Milestone no. 2 -  the engine!

I tried to trial-fit a side panel but I can't because the trestles holding the chassis up are in the way. So I need to go down to axle stands or wheels,  which means I might as well do the engine.  I say,  'do the engine' like it's a 1 hour job - I haven't even bought it yet! Or the gearbox.

So,  the shopping starts here....

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