Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Cable tie Meccano

Before I can finally fit the rear panel,  I have to finalise all the various rear pipes and wires and get them fixed in their final positions.

To do this,  the standard method is a cable tie through a piece of fuel pipe. It actually makes a great support; a bit of flex but very sturdy. The area round my diff looks like some crazy cable tie construction site:

I'll actually need to check with GBS that these are all acceptable for IVA.

This is my earth connection,  before and after a dollop of hammerite:


I'm just waiting for a crimping tool so I can prepare a connector for the LP fuel pump,  connect and fit the fuel sender and then the rear panel is ready to go on permanently,  I think.

For that rear panel,  I needed to raise the panel somehow. Reading other blogs,  most people seem to have had to re-adjust the rollbar supports by pulling them out. On Richards blog (him again!),  he used some wood pieces to push them out,  so I did the same:

This worked brilliantly -  as soon as I did it,  the panel almost popped into place. The advantage of this is that the panel is levelled from the supports and,  by extension,  that top rear chassis bar,  which is exactly what you'd want the rear panel to match up to. 

With the panel pretty solid,  I marked on the inside of the panel where the chassis bars sit,  took the panel off and drilled holes ready for rivets. I'll put the panel back on and then drill the holes in the chassis itself,  using the holes in the panel as a guide. This way,  I can be sure I'm drilling into the chassis and not the fuel tank. 

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