Sunday, 3 September 2017

Zedster makes friends

Got my new video camera,  just in time for a planned trip to the Bentley car museum in East Sussex.

A great drive out,  with about 25 cars including a glorious 800 bhp Ultima which looked and sounded amazing.

I've recently raised the suspension on Zedster to try stop the seat bolts hitting the floor so often but I've now gone the other way; no seat bolt grazing but I've reduced the travel in the shocks and my weight is forcing them to hit the end of their travel. You'll hear the regular 'clonk' in the video:

But a great day out and I'm  impressed with the camera (only cost £40).

Next up is to twiddle with the damper settings on the shocks to see if I can cut down on the clonking (technical term).

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